Savour is championing the use of genuinely good, local food.

Our relationship with Genuine Jersey over the years of producing our eating guide has always been to highlight and promote the island’s local producers and the Savour festival is a continuation of this relationship, designed to recognise restaurants investing in the quality of their ingredients and the suppliers they work with to offer the best of local food.

Genuine Jersey is an expression of all that is best and sustainable in vital areas of Jersey’s rural and maritime economy. It engenders Island pride and confidence in our future. Whether it’s reared, grown, caught or made in Jersey, Genuine Jersey is the guarantee of local provenance. In a nutshell, the Mark allows you to make an informed choice to support the local economy, embrace seasonality and reduce their carbon footprint.

Genuine Jersey encourages the Island’s hospitality industry to support their local producer members. By creating a Genuine Jersey section within a Menu and identifying it with the Genuine Jersey Mark and brand promise, the restaurants and people that choose to eat there play a valuable part in reaffirming the value of buying locally & buying sustainably at a time where it’s more important than ever.

Get your restaurant involved in supporting Genuine Jersey

A measure of quality.

Genuine Jersey has worked hard to generate public awareness of the values of buying locally with a marketing campaign encouraging consumers to look for the Mark before they buy; whilst at the same time engaging with retailers to increase exposure of Genuine Jersey in supermarkets.

As demand increases so does the value to participating businesses. This value can also be achieved by you, the Island’s hospitality industry if you get on board.

Market research demonstrates high awareness of the brand and the influence the brand has on buying habits, both within the Island population and the tourism sector.

When asked whether products being ‘local’ affected their choice and buying decisions, 31% of Islanders said that ‘local’ provenance exerted a ‘strong influence’ and a further 51% were ‘influenced’ by ‘local’ provenance.

Among Island residents, spontaneous awareness of the brand is 86%, and prompted awareness 91%.

Spontaneous awareness of the brand amongst visitors to the Island is 63%; high levels considering the short period of time that many visitors would have been exposed to the brand during their stay. Strong findings, that demonstrate the added value of Genuine Jersey to your business!

A mark of provenance..

The Genuine Jersey Product Mark can be used on a menu to identify Genuine Jersey dishes subject to the following conditions:

1) All listed ingredients must be sourced from currently accredited Members of the Genuine Jersey Products Association and NOT just local or home grown produce. A full list of Members is available at

2) The Genuine Jersey Product Mark may only be used to identify a Genuine Jersey menu selection along with the Brand Promise: Your Guarantee of Local Provenance.

The following paragraph may also be used if you wish to make a feature of your support for Genuine Jersey: “Genuine Jersey is your guarantee of local provenance. The Mark allows you to make an informed choice to support the local economy, embrace seasonality and reduce your carbon footprint.”

3) The Genuine Jersey Menu Mark is a Simplified Icon which has been developed to allow restaurants to identify a predominant ingredient within other non-Genuine Jersey ingredients.

4) Each page of a menu where a Genuine Jersey ingredient is identified by this Menu Mark must carry, as a page footer, the Simplified Icon with the following clarification: “Ingredient sourced from a Member of Genuine Jersey.”

About the Association

Genuine Jersey was conceived in 2001 as a non-profit making body to promote products and produce which are made, reared, grown or caught in Jersey and its surrounding waters and because of their constituents and the skills involved in production may be regarded by consumers as being genuinely ‘local’.

Genuine Jersey has a strict set of criteria that are applied to ensure the provenance of Members’ goods. Members of the Association subscribe to a Charter which guarantees the origin of their goods which carry the Genuine Jersey Mark. The promotion of Genuine Jersey is in accord with States of Jersey strategies which promote sustainability, diversification and innovation.