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Set menu? with local ingredients?
Get yours included!

Appetite is totally controlled by our restaurants. You can log in, turn menus on and off, time them and set them up to market with any timeframe promotion we help plan in the future. Tuesdays slow in February? Let’s plan an eating event and get you all included! It will never cost to list and all venues will benefit!

Promoting Genuine Jersey producers and suppliers.

Whether you’re an independent, part of a group or anything else. As long as you make good food and use local suppliers, we’d love to have you. Appetite has always been about inclusion and we’ll list your set menu for free, plus you have total control from your own admin page.

We’ve already been sent menus from some great restaurants and venues and we’ve identified many others we’re excited to see included. All you need to do is create your account, log in and add your menu and details before the end of this weekend.

Register for Appetite and add your Savour menu