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12 Years of Jersey food.

Jersey is a undoubtedly a foodie island for both visitors and locals, offering an amazing quality and variety of gastronomically impressive venues to entertain the eager diner. Appetite has always celebrated this diversity, as the most comprehensive guide to food and drink in Jersey.

We’ve been producing the most fully-rounded editorial guide to eating out in Jersey in print for 12 years and 2020 saw us tip our toe in to a digital offering. With restaurants suffering with closure due to Covid lockdowns, we built this platform to allow them to promote their set menus for free if they weren't part of any other established 'fest'.

For 12 years, 20,000 editions of our appetite annual were distributed year-round to all hotels and guesthouses and up to 300 locations island-wide. We even got asked to send some off-island and supplied group visitors through Visit Jersey and Locate Jersey. Appetite has been only dedicated restaurant guide that research showed was used by Jersey visitors. In addition, it’s long been the widest-read and held local foodie guide, living in the kitchens and on the coffee tables of the best Jersey houses.

If you’re a restaurant or food business, look out for a potential return to print in 2023.

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